Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thanks a lot Underwear Bomber

The fear of flying is a major concern for many travelers, including some of my good friends.  For me the fear of flying was never an issue, until now.  Now I have to worry about being searched by TSA...Seriously, this kept me awake for a little while last night.  The questions that ran through my head were those somewhat like those that ran through my head many years ago when I went on first dates.  What do I wear?  What shoes will work the best?  What about my hair?  Yes, the hair thing.  If you've been following the news, recently TSA was under fire for checking a woman's hair.  The big hair thing shouldn't be a problem for me on the trip from home, it's not too humid here.  But the return back?  There could be problems.  High humidity makes for very big hair in my world.  Also, like a first date, what will they expect from me?  If I show up with my overnight bag will I send the wrong message?  Then there is the problem of being on the FBI watch list.  I realized all too late that it was probably an unfortunate choice of words to refer to my cousin as I did it my last post.  I won't use the word, since that will make it appear three times in as many posts.  Yes, the word I used in my heading for this post.  I waffled, and then thought, oh, well, I'm probably already on "the list" so just do it.  So fear of flying gets another wrinkle. 
Choose happiness today,

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