Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sure, Sure, Shopping and Shoe Forms

We've been so busy on this trip! Shopping and then shopping, and oh, a little more shopping. If the Hubbs is reading this, shopping doesn't necessarily mean BUYING. If he's not, well it doesn't necessarily mean NOT buying. Anyway, since we've been so busy and I haven't taken many pictures due to some technical problems, I thought I'd just post a picture from the booth. When I get back there will be so much to share. I'm just on sensory overload at the moment, so it will take a while to process everything so that I can share in a more organized manner.  I have a hard enough time staying on track and struggle to write with a smidge of coherence, so it is best that I rest up before I blab.  But, I do have to write about one thing I enjoy...When you speak with someone around here it's so great when they let you know that they're listening to you with the affirmative sure, sure.  The best part is the way that they say it.  It sounds like shoe-a, shoe-a.
I. LOVE. IT.  I'm so going to let my friends on the west coast know that I'm listening with a
"shoe-a, shoe-a" when I get home.

I have a thing for wood shoe forms.  Well Worn has a few, some even have pointy toes. I kept a pair that say "pip" on the side. I'm a sucker for any type of typography, graphics or numbers. These shoe forms have all of the above. I've seen a few of the folding rulers made into stars in blog land, however the stars are usually folded a little differently. I like to fold mine the same way I would draw a star. Which do you prefer?

Happy as a dog with a pork chop,
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  1. I've never seen a folding ruler star! I love it! And yes, the proper way is the way you would draw it...