Saturday, July 16, 2011

Boy Scouts and Bus Stops

Worn Well has been on the antique chase for items for our booth at Well Worn.  (Confusing I know, I may write about it someday.)  My cousin and I have been searching high and low in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.  We have met some wonderful people along the way.  We found some fun vintage items at the Boy Scouts rummage sale and even received curbside service.  I wish I could take a Boy Scout along to all of my "picks" they are so helpful and polite.  Maybe I should contact the Boy Scouts and see if I can have the boys earn a "picken" badge.  I think part of the process would be to help crazy antique dealers load up their vehicle and to teach the dealer the correct way to tie knots and such, so they don't quite look like the Beverly Hillbillies as they transport their wares around town.  I think I would have to get used to being called ma'am, but it would be a fair trade.  It was a treat to have someone carry my treasures out to the car and open the door for us and even say "thank you."  What a fine bunch!  We drove an hour or so to a yard sale that advertised vintage and antique items.  We met two fun ladies who directed us to go to the Bus Stop Flea Market; but only after we had shopped their yard sale. I guess we looked like we would drop our vintage luggage and go running to the Bus Stop if they made it sound too good.  Betty and Ellen were so helpful and gave us some insider information about places to shop.  Once we made it to the Bus Stop Flea, we met two more adorable ladies, Judy and  Charlotte.  The girls really took care of us, getting prices, making sure that all our items were taken to the front so that our hands were free to buy more....hmm.  Charlotte is a woman who knows her priorities.  She made sure I knew where to go to purchase the all important ice cream sandwich; hey, I am on vacation.  If you're in the area, I would recommend that you check out the Bus Stop Flea and shop around.  Since it's a Flea Market there is a wide variety of items, from tube socks to a horse drawn carriage.  Once we finished shopping, we came home for a little breather.  After the short rest it was to Mama Nina's for a divine dinner. I am shopped out, worn out and carbed out.  It was a great day. 

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