Monday, July 2, 2012

Suitcase Spotlight

Hello all,
Well Worn has been as usual busy, busy.  I just wanted to take a minute to spotlight a great project by one of my customers.  I met Grant one day in my booth and thought he was adorable.  He was looking for a vintage suitcase to make into a chair or table.  Mr. Well Worn knows how attached I am to vintage luggage, he also knows how I feel about some of the "up" cycling that we see.  So this was a hard one for me.  Don't misunderstand me, I love a good upcycle, but the emphasis on  that statement is the word "good".  I've run across many a well meaning individual that tore apart or painted something beautiful to make something that was well...not.  So, when Grant told me he wanted to take one of my babies (suitcases) and gasp, change it, I was a little concerned.  When he choose the best one in the bunch, I was inwardly freaking out, but trusted that I was sending it off to a good home.
I'll let you be the judge of that, here are the photos that he emailed to me.

Closed, she's a beautiful table.

Open, a charming little chair.

Ah, I'm so relieved that my baby found a good home AND got a make over.

I hope you can forgive the quality of the pictures, that is entirely on me.  Grant sent some beautiful pictures, but I could not get them to post as well as I would like.

Sometimes it's okay to let something go,


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ombre' Hombre

Well Worn does Mid-Century Modern? Who knew?  Well, not usually, if you're familiar with our style we're more of a "beat-up,  patina, rustic meets bling" type of style.  I'm not sure what that style is, but that's what we do.  A little masculine, and a little feminine, a little confused.  So this is a stretch for me.  I've been dying to try an ombre' effect on a piece of furniture for some time now.  Ombre' is a set of colors or tones that shade into each other. 

Why the wait?  I had a Mid-Century Modern piece in my mind's eye.  Mid-Century Modern furniture is sort of hot in our neck of the woods and can be a bit pricey.  The other hold up is that I didn't want to paint a nice piece with a nice finish.  I feel the same way about some of the antique items that I see painted.  Don't misunderstand me, I love a painted piece of furniture, (if I didn't I wouldn't be a retailer for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint TM) but it has to be the right piece.  I think that if you increase the value and appearance of a piece, than of course, paint it!  As always, I'm writing down a rabbit trail...

So, Mr. Well Worn and I stumble across a piece that is uuuugggglly the other day, and to his surprise, I say I'll take it.  I had him check all the drawers and the sturdiness of the piece first and then into the truck bed he goes (the dresser, not Mr. Well Worn).  I can hardly wait to get started.  First we give it a light sanding of the drawers and sides and then with a much heavier than anticipated sanding of the top.  It seems that there is NEVER an easy transformation.  There is usually at least one hitch in the adventure of transformations, the dresser top was it.  After the sanding I actually primed this piece lightly.  It had a slight odor, nothing bad or noticeable to anyone but me, but it was a little "woodsy".  I decided it wasn't worth the risk.  I didn't want to paint all of those drawers with custom mixed colors and then have to redo it, if the odor was still there.  I also was curious as to how it would look white.  I don't paint much with white.  I like my colors to be a little more "muddy" so, I needed an actual visual on this one.  I wanted to make sure that I was going down the right path.  Once it was lightly primed, I got to work.  The whole dresser is painted with Chalk Paint TM.  The layers or ombre' is as follows:

100% Old Ochre
50% Old Ochre & 50% Coco
100% Coco
Coco & Graphite, Old Ochre,  I forgot the ratio ---More about this later---
50% Coco & 50% Graphite
100% Graphite

Here it is inside at Well Worn
 The fourth shade was the second hitch in this transformation.  I initially painted that drawer 50% Coco & 50% Graphite.  I didn't feel as if it blended as much as I wanted it to, so I painted the bottom layer Graphite to get a better idea of how the shades would blend, it just wasn't working.  I decided to add Old Ochre to the existing color of the fourth layer.  After it was mixed I painted a little on a paint stirrer and held it up to the drawers that had already been painted.  Since it was the look I was going for I just crossed my fingers and hoped there was enough paint to do both sides.  Once in a
while it's better to be lucky than good.

Here it is outside, the colors aren't as rich in the sun

The rest of the dresser was painted with Pure White and the whole thing was waxed with clear wax.

Oh, the name?  Two reasons.  Hombre means man, and I thought it looked a little more masculine than feminine; although I think it's a piece that could work just about anywhere.  Secondly, in true guy fashion, when I was trying to explain ombre' to Mr. Well Worn, he kept saying, "Hombre, like dude?"  Yep, that's my guy.

I finally resulted to Pinterest and was able to pull up a few lovely pieces to give him the visual.  I was initially inspired by one of the pins I had seen briefly in the past.  I couldn't "pin" which one, since it was so long ago, but there is some beautiful work out there, check it out.

Check Mid-Century Modern with a Twist off our bucket list!

Don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone,


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paint 'dat

Hello friends. My posts have been few and far in between as of late. It's not been for lack of material. I've been a busy little, ok, medium sized, bee.  I'm writing this post on the plane on my return flight.  Where have you been Well Worn?  I'm so glad you asked!  I'm returning from an awesome training in New Orleans with none other than Annie Sloan herself.

Isn't she cute all bare foot?
  So genuine and fun.
 What a FABULOUS time. I can't say enough about it. First off I just want to say that Annie Sloan is quite lovely as they say in her neck of the woods. Or as we say here in Well Worn lingo, she is the Bomb Diggity. It was great to meet her, speak with her, get to know her business and painting philosophy AND watch her in action as she painted.  It's fun for me to watch someone do something that they do well, and let's face it she is THE expert on Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (TM) since she created it 20 years ago and has been using this wonderful medium in innovative as well as in practical applications all this time.  I admit it, I'm not easily impressed, but she is very impressive in a real and very humble way.

How fun to get this shot!

What a blast!  I can hardly wait to get home and get my hands on my Chalk Paint (TM).
I'll be sure to post some pictures of my projects as fast as I can get them done.
New Orleans was so fun, and they say "who dat" just like they do in the movie Water Boy.

I'm going to modify it a little bit and say "paint dat",

Yep, I'm a Lucky Girl!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

So Close

On my way to get some training from the amazing Annie Sloan in person. How cool is that. Good times and painty hands ahead! It's a bad pic, but it says New Orleans and NO I have no idea who these people are.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cards made in our last Stamping' Up! Class on Saturday

Last Saturday I taught a Stampin' Up! Class at my friend Mary's house. It was good to spend time with friends and catch up.

This is just a quick post to let you know a little bit of what I've been up to. I am also testing out Blogger on my iPad. I thought I would do this while we watch a little Princess Bride (one of my mostest favoritest movies of all times).

As You Wish,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Color Me Crazy

Thanks so much for being patient with my long absence.  I know that most of you are friends or my family that I asked (begged) to follow me, but it's fun to pretend that I have a huge list of followers clamoring for more.

At any rate, I have been Crazy/Busy and have lots to share.  One of the things I want to share is one of the most time consuming, but very worth it, projects.  I call it Color Me Crazy.  Okay, so there's a little background info you might need.  I am a LRP for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  annie sloan unfolded  I carry the Chalk Paint Line in my booth at Well Worn located upstairs at 8th & Main Antiques I had a hand painted color chart that was serving as a temporary color chart until I could get the Color Me Crazy color chart/ project installed.  Unfortunately the temporary color chart grew legs and walked away.  This pushed the deadline to get it done up a great deal.  I know someone who likes to say that she "will find them and blacken both of their eyes".  I sort of felt that way.  I'm hoping that the person who took it didn't realize all work that is involved in hand painting a color chart with 28 colors and that maybe that the person thought it was like the samples at Home Depot or Lowes.  At any rate that's what I tell myself and I'm over it. 
Back to Color Me Crazy, sort of.  When I started as a LRP with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint it was a big undertaking and required an investment of time and money that I wasn't sure that I could commit to and do it well.  Enter my partner, Susan Bell.  We decided to "sign on" as partners and split the work load etc, but hoped to double the fun.  We called our joint venture Color Me Happy.  We each had our other business, mine as Well Worn and hers as Decor with a Past.  As things progressed, it was just too hard to split everything, it got convoluted. So we just split our area and continued on as two separate LRPs.  So that's how I came up with the name Color Me Crazy.  It's a spin off of Color Me Happy.  Yes, you've just entered into my mind and its a scary place. 
I had the bright idea to make my color charts, painted decorative molding and painted paint sticks all at the same time, oh and a large Emperor's Silk red bookcase.

You can see one of the doors to the bookcase in the background.
Brilliant if you have a large shop and can spread out 28 cans of paint and all the miscellaneous items that go with creating this Color Me Crazy project.  Not so brilliant if you're doing it every night after work in the kitchen so you can see your family a little that day.
Lovely hammer goes with the granite counter top.
I finally found a use for the stove, paper cutting and booth item storage.
I am almost done with the never ending project that I feel will be so worth it when I'm done.  I do have hand painted color charts at Well Worn now.  There is a store copy (annotated as such in big black letters!) and there are additional copies for sale.  They are $7.00, but I really wanted to put $70.00 on each one. 
I painted plain white labels and cut them down to fit into the squares on the color chart.  At one point I was having a difficult time getting even coverage on two sets of labels.  Odd, I thought the paint just looks different on these two.  Yep, I painted on the back of those labels....hence the name Color Me Crazy, came to me as I laughed like a mad scientist or something.  I hesitate to tell you some of the dumb things I do, but I would think it was funny if someone else told me that they did things like that.
I know this isn't that exciting, I have more info regarding three road trips, a class, a project and more.  I'll be getting that stuff posted soon.  I just thought you might wonder what I've been up to. 
Have a Colorful Day,

Another one, just for fun...a little bit of everything...the whole world in fact.

Yes vintage globes for the booth and a Christmas tree--I'm so far behind.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm still Alive

Hello friends! Just a quick post to let you all know that I'm still alive. I would say alive and well, but I just experienced a 48(?) hour flu bug or something. I'm hoping its a 48 hour turn around because I'm starting to feel human again. I have so much to write about and so many projects going right now. It's a little daunting, but I plan on sharing soon. I'm just trying to catch my breath at the moment.
I hope your New Year is off to a rockin' good start!