About Me


I'm so happy that you've honored me with a visit.  I really mean that.  I know that our lives are busy and full, so I am very grateful for any time you take to spend here.

I'm a glass half empty type of gal.  Not in the negative way, I like to see the potential in everything.  What can I add to something to make it fabulous?  How can I take that item, repurpose it and make it useful again.  Sometimes this lends to borderline hoarding and I have to "reel it in" and put items in the donate box.

This goes for more than just stuff, it defines my general outlook on life.  How can I take this event, relationship or experience and make it better?  How do we just cram a little more fun in to our everyday life?  Let's make it better and just Live Large.  Love Big.  Have Fun.  Pursue Excellence in everything.

Hopefully this little blog will give you a break from your day and give you a smile or an idea that inspires.


Who I am
Mom of two gorgeous girls
Wife to "Mr. Well Worn"
Christian and so blessed

Some of the things I do
Have an antique Booth Well Worn
located upstairs in 8th & Main Antiques Chico CA
Anne Sloan Mini Stockist and partner at Color Me Happy
Stampin' Up! demonstrator since 1993
Work a "real job"
Yep, and a blogger

Things that add to my Joy
My girls
My hubby
My fur babies
The colors turquoise, black, tan and ivory
Tarnished silver
Wood with a warm patina
Quirky Vintage items
Black or Turquoise Pyrex & Restaurant Ware
New Rubber Stamps and a fresh sheet of card stock
Making something useful again
The thrill of "the hunt" while shopping/picking
Arranging fun items in my booth at Well Worn
Snickers Peanut Butter Candy Bars
Diet Dr. Pepper
Coconut Cream Pie
Fresh Romaine Lettuce with vine ripe tomatoes
Laughing with Friends