Monday, October 24, 2011

Put a Bird On It

My friends neice says bird as 'boid'.  So we joke about "putting a boid on it".  Seems to me as I went through some of the booth pictures that I "put a boid on it" quite a lot.  Oh well, here are a few pictures from
 Well Worn.  Enjoy.

Lu Lu is our new mascot.  The nutcracker squirrel sold.

Don't let the chandelier fool you, Lu Lu is a cowgirl at heart.

Not a bird exactly, just "bird inspired".

Even the salt and pepper shakers?

Gilded birds

Mr. Well Worn says these look like they're fighting--men.

Sweet little Villa Barnes inspired "granite" bird.  Check her out on my side bar.

If you see any-wish upon a star!  If you don't Just Wish.


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