Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kookoo for Coco Jack

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has introduced four new colors.  They are Pure White, Barcelona Orange, French Linen and Coco.  The Pure White is just that.  French Linen is a khaki gray that works well with warm colors.  Barcelona Orange is...well we haven't received it yet here in Northern California, but it looks like a fun color that will pop and has just the right amount of warm undertones.  I am really excited to get it and paint a few pieces.  As soon as I get it in my hot little hands, I'll be sure to post about it.

Last but not least, Coco. For me  Coco is a rich creamy brown.  I don't know if  the reason I like Coco so much is because it reminds me of good things like coffee and chocolate, but I won't discount the association.
I'll move on.  We did a show at Roses & Rust yesterday.  It was a great event, with delightful weather and  customers.  Fun shows like Roses & Rust make me want to just wander around and buy stuff, and not do a lick of work.  If you are in the Northern California area in June and/or October, I highly recommend you try to attend.      
Remember this guy?
I apologize for jumping from topic to topic is this post.  But, the reason I jumped to Roses & Rust was to explain why I couldn't spend the time with my new love (Coco) like I so desired.  If you've ever participated in an event in any capacity you may have an idea of all the work that is involved.  It's a big undertaking and a labor of love for most vendors.  (Mr. Well Worn just asked me to post that his back is still sore and that he worked very hard.  This is all true, however, I'm not sure if you want to know that, but there it is.)  It also consumes a good deal of time and requires you to be away from those you love, like Coco.  So the only bit of time I spent with Coco was to paint one single little shelf. My initial idea was to paint this sad little shelf Coco so that I would have a small piece to display at the show.  However, I had painted some wood trim pieces for samples for the show.  I painted one with Coco after I painted the shelf.  I just put it in the pile, but when I gathered them up I noticed that Coco, Old White and Provence were great together.  (Almost as good as Coco and I are together.)  So that set the mind whirling.  I didn't want to overwhelm the small piece of furniture with too much Annie Sloan goodness.  What could I do?  How to incorporate this lovely trio?  I don't know why my mind made the leap to a incorrectly colored Union Jack.  Maybe new love like Kate & William and Coco & I...At any rate, here is the result.  I had my daughter hastily snap a few pictures before we loaded her in the trailer for the show, so again, my photography is lacking.  This is no reflection on my daughter's skill, just our time constraints.

Not bad for her first "staged" piece

Yep, I'm Kookoo for Coco Jacks!

Follow Your Bliss,

Also a big Thank You to my family for all of their help (and sore backs) at the Roses & Rust show.

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  1. I like the nonconventional colors. Maybe that's because I love the unexpected. Nice job.

  2. I haven't tried chalk paint yet, but I guess I'm gonna have to. Love the new Coco color!

  3. i am waiting to try some chalk paint.. it is on it's way as we speak!! Would love for you to come share at Feathered Nest Friday!! :)

  4. I totally DIG that they aren't the conventional colors! Way to think outside the typical paint box! I'd really love it if you'd share this over on the newest party on the web - Trash to Treasure Tuesdays on the Korner! Thanks!!!