Monday, November 21, 2011

MIA and a Constant State of Repair

Hello there,
I must confess, I've been MIA for a while now.  Some of my blogging tools have been unavailable for a short time.  My laptop cord/battery charger was broken and I had to order a new one.  While waiting for it to arrive my husband was working on my car which was sporting the check engine light.  I also lost my cell phone for a time.  I found the cell phone days later, lodged in the hole of the truck seat; where the seat belt comes out.  Last but not least, my sweet kitty cat was shot with an arrow by some disturbed person.  I now have a laptop that works and charges, the car has been repaired and the cell phone is found.  Best of all sweet little kitty is healing nicely, with just a few bald patches and sporting his "franken kitty" scar from the incident.  I hope to get back on track and start blogging regularly again. 
Thanks for putting up with my inconsistencies!
Poor little Dude
Hoping that your Thanksgiving holiday is full of pleasant gatherings and a heart of gratefulness.
Thankfully yours,

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