Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fat Kid Fun

I'm not much for TV, usually its the news every other day or so and any Sacramento Kings game.  If you follow basketball at all you know my guys need a miracle, but I digress.  Any how, TV was never my thing until lately...American Pickers  boo to the yah.  Storage Wars, Auction Kings, Auction Hunters and how about a little Chum Lee and Pawn Stars.  Man oh man.  I wish I had never discovered any of these, well except maybe Pickers.  Now I cruise the directory when I have a minute to see if there are any new episodes.  Terrible.  Well this all leads to Auction Hunters, I just think that Allen Haff and Ton Jones are stinkin' cute.  I love it when someone is excited about what they do.  So I give Ton Jones credit for today's post.  He and Allen found a mini bike in one of the storage units that they purchased.  Ton says to Allen, "do you know what that is?"  Allen replies something like "a mini bike?"  Ton says "NO!  That's fat kid fun right there."  I love it.  I'll leave you with some pictures of the start of my "Fat Kid Fun Day" and hopefully, I will be able to show you some completed projects in the next few days.
Have some Fat Kid Fun today,
already finished the guy in the back who's peeking through

wait until you see the after on this one


she's a little wobbly, but we'll get her fixed up and give her a make over

Serious "Fat Kid Fun"

Annie Sloane, I've been waiting for you

not sure about this one yet, we'll see if it turns out


  1. Wait till you see Picking Sisters. You are going to love that show. They buy vintage "junk" and re-purpose it. How about Cash & Cari? She's an estate seller and sometimes she buys things and re-claims it. I love these new shows too.

  2. I best not...well maybe I will check them out. Sounds like there is more TV in my future.